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BSR Fuel customers should demand and expect great customer service as much, if not more, than a great product. That’s why we strive to provide high-quality service, second to none. We recognize how much time and effort goes into managing an effective and efficient retail gas station. By providing your station with prompt and professional on-time deliveries, along with our streamlined transaction process, BSR Fuel works hard to make your fuel supply a worry-free experience.

Our strong supply terminal relationships means you can rely on a steady and reliable source of fuel for your growing business. Coupled with 24-hour customer assistance through our dedicated sales representatives, and supported by our petroleum industry supply logistics specialists, BSR Fuels gives our clients the confidence they should expect. Questions or concerns are always addressed and answered quickly and efficiently.

Our goal is to make the fuel delivery process as simple, but yet flexible, as possible. From a keep-full status to order-by-order requests, our clients can count on BSR Fuel to provide on-time and professional fuel delivery!